A new golden age of gaming comes to Xbox One and PS4: The new console’s controller guide

Microsoft’s Xbox One has been getting a lot of praise for its improved performance and improved graphics, but it’s also been accused of becoming a platform for cheating.

It’s a topic that has been hotly debated among gamers for years, but this year’s E3 was a huge moment in gaming’s history when it came to whether or not gamers would accept that Microsoft was now actively attempting to fix the issue of cheaters and cheat codes.

In a new blog post, Xbox team lead Alex Ovechkin says that the company is currently working on a set of new controls that can be applied to Xbox games that aren’t just a bunch of icons on the screen.

The article says that these new controls will be in the pipeline as soon as the game launches on October 27.

This comes after a series of announcements over the last few months that have given Xbox fans some hope that the console might be on track to make some changes to its controls in the near future.

While the first official Xbox One controller update isn’t coming until sometime in 2018, Ovechekkin says the team is still “trying to work out the best way to integrate new controls into our Xbox One experience.”

We’ll have more on these new controller additions when they’re available, and more information on the upcoming Xbox One beta is coming in the next few weeks.

If you’re interested in how you can get Xbox One X controllers and other features for your Xbox One console, be sure to check out the official Xbox website for the latest information.

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