Golden retriever rescues dog trapped in a trash bin

Golden retrievers can be dangerous when it comes to their pets.

The popular pet is known for having the ability to sniff out potential food sources, but they can also make it difficult for the pets to escape from a trash can.

And while this particular rescue is in Fresno, California, it is a story that has caught the attention of animal rescue organizations around the world.

The Golden Retriever Rescue of Fresno has been trying to rescue a dog named Golden who is trapped in the trash bin of a home.

When the dog’s owner arrived home and tried to get the dog out, she says she was attacked by a dog who was looking for food.

The dog is so sick and injured that it can’t stand on its own and it is getting worse.

Golden was saved by a Golden Retrier Rescue of the Golden Retrievers of Fresno, who used a harness to tie the dog to the garbage bin.

“We got a harness, we got the leash, we put the leash on, and we tied it to a harness and started walking toward the garbage,” said Melissa Gaudreault, who works for the Fresno Rescue of Golden Retriers.

Once the rescuers got close enough, the dog started kicking and screaming, so the rescues called 911.

After the dog was taken to the Fresno Veterinary Medical Center, the Fresno City Animal Control Unit was called to assist.

Gaudretault says the rescuer brought the dog in to a veterinarian to have a physical examination.

During the physical examination, it was determined that the dog had severe arthritis in his legs and a broken hip.

At this point, Gaudres was able to take the dog back to the rescue’s headquarters.

“The vet came and took him to the vet to see the doctors,” she said.

“They said, ‘Oh, he has no pain.

He’s fine.

It’s just an arthritis in the leg.

When the dog came back to Gaudrets house, it had some other problems. “

The vet told the rescuers that he thought the dog might have arthritis because of the broken hip, and they had to take it to another vet.

When the dog came back to Gaudrets house, it had some other problems.

It was a bit of a shock for Melissa Gretzault when she found out that the vet told her that the dogs hip had broken.

Gaudreau says that was when Gaudrens heart started to slow down. “

He said, you know, this is not a hip that I can fix,” said Gaudreau, adding that the veterinarian gave her a prescription for a painkiller.

Gaudreau says that was when Gaudrens heart started to slow down.

She says she took the prescription out of her hand and put it on her chest and said, I’m sorry.

I just had to tell her, this isn’t going to get better.

“I thought it was just an infection, but he’s really bad,” she told NBC Bay Area.

Gaudres doctor, Dr. David J. Prentice, says that the arthritis in her legs had caused the pain, and she needs the pain medication. “

She was so grateful for the medication.

Prentice says that she also had arthritis in both legs, but it was only in the right leg.””

The medications are good for the pain,” he said.

Prentice says that she also had arthritis in both legs, but it was only in the right leg.

“When she gets arthritis in one leg, she’s very, very weak,” he added.

“But she’s strong in the other leg.” 

Gaudreaux said that the doctor said she could take the pain medicine, but that the treatment wouldn’t stop the arthritis. 

She told ABC News that when she went to the clinic, the clinic said they would prescribe the medication, but only for a few weeks.

But she says that they told her to go back to her veterinarian and see how long the pain was going to last.

“And when I got home, I got to see my vet, and it was like a minute or two,” Gaudrey said.

Gretz said that when the vet came back, she saw the same symptoms as the doctor, and that they both thought it might be a hip.

“They were both worried,” she added.

While it was an expensive and painful surgery, Gretgrens doctors said the medication helped her get her strength back.

After a few days of physical therapy, Greans doctor said the pain in her leg was gone.

For Melissa Goudreault and her dog, this rescue has paid off.

They say that they are happy that they found their dog, and are grateful for their hard work and their love for their dog.

Gudreaux told NBC News that her dog is recovering well.

Her dog is very well.

And the best part is that he’s a Golden retriver.

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