How to get XBOX LIVE Gold, the premium version of the popular game title, on PlayStation 4

Now that the official launch date of the next-gen consoles has been confirmed, the next step is for gamers to be able to get the full XBOX GOLD experience.

That means the next generation console is available on Sony’s PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, where players can sign up for games and play for free, as well as the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network Arcade and PlayStation Network Classics.

The PSN subscription-based service lets players get games like FIFA 17 and Madden NFL 17, and lets them log in and play without needing to buy any more games, including those for PS4 or Xbox One.

For more, read our preview of the PS4 Pro. 

Read more The announcement of the Xbox LIVE Gold service was met with enthusiasm and excitement by gamers on the XBOX, as the platform has never been more popular and has enjoyed a huge boost in the months since its launch.

And the service is expected to be a huge hit, as it will allow gamers to enjoy the full Xbox LIVE experience with their favourite games.

“Xbox LIVE Gold will offer an unparalleled digital library of classic, exclusive, and exclusive content for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360, including exclusive Xbox Live Gold game updates, Xbox LIVE gold subscription rewards, Xbox Live gold game demos, and much more,” said Xbox Games boss Phil Spencer.

However, with the launch of XBOX ONE S this weekend, Xbox Games are also expected to push the PSN Gold service into the mainstream. 

The PlayStation Network Classic service will be available from the first of September, with Sony announcing that players will be able sign up to get PSN Classics in the next week.

While the PSM services have been a hit, they are also a little less popular on the PlayStation Network than the Xbox games, with more than half of players using PSM Gold for the past two months.

It is also worth noting that the PlayStation One S, PS4, and PS4 Slim all come with the PSX Games app, which allows players to access games on both the PS3 and the PS Vita.

So if you’re a PSM fan, you’ll have the option to access the PlayStation Store, PSN Arcade, and PlayStation Classics in a way that will make them feel right at home with you.

But how will Xbox Live get the PS Network Gold on XBOX?

The PlayStation Store has always had a strong relationship with the XBox One, with titles like Need for Speed: Rivals and Need for Scale all appearing in the store.

And now, Xbox has also partnered with the developer for the Xbox One version of its upcoming game, Battlefield 1. 

“With Xbox Live’s partnership with Sony, you can get a game from Sony right to your console in one click,” said Sony Computer Entertainment Europe VP Andrew Miller.

“It’s a great way to take advantage of Xbox Live on your favourite console and we’re looking forward to seeing how Xbox LIVE’s partnership will impact future Xbox One games. 

For more on Xbox and PS Network, visit Xbox’s official site.

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