How to spot the best gold glitter in the world

When it comes to glittery eyeshadows, the gold glitter is definitely on the rise.

We’re talking big-box stores and thrift stores, with dozens of brands making gold glitter into a trendy trend.

We’ve talked before about the trend of making gold shimmer as a way to blend in with your makeup, but how much gold glitter should you use in a makeup look?

We’ve put together a list of the best, most glittery, and least glittery makeup products out there.

We can’t wait to try out new shades of gold glitter to see what you think!

But don’t worry, this isn’t a list for the ultra-cute, glitter-free eyeshadow palettes.

Gold glitter has a history of making its way into makeup, and it can really shine.

In fact, when we looked at some of the most popular gold glitter products, we noticed that it was often paired with shades of color that were too bold for the eyes.

To help you know which eyeshader is right for you, we took a closer look at what we know to be the most and least-glittery eyes and tried to find the best.

Here are our top picks for best gold glitters, as well as the worst.

Top 5 Gold Glitter Eyeshadow PalettesWe’re not going to lie: You might be tempted to use gold glitter for something more bold than the standard look, and this list is a great place to start.

But we think there are more shades of glitter that you’ll like than you’d think.

These are the best eyeshaders we could find for glittery looks, and they’re not necessarily limited to eyeshading.

We’d recommend these as your go-to eyesharks when glittering, but if you’re more of a matte, they could work well in some other looks as well.

The list below has a ton of options.

Top 1.

MAC Black Friday Lipstick Top 2.

Urban Decay Black Friday Blush Top 3.

NARS Black Friday Eye Pencil Top 4.

Too Faced Black Friday Eyeshadows Top 5.

MAC Blueberry Glitter Eye Pen 5.

Urban Outfitters Black Friday Glitter Glue When it comes down to it, the most glitter is good for a matte eye, but the least glitter is always good for something bold.

If you’re looking for a more subtle look, try these lipsticks instead: MAC Black Thursday Lipstick ($21) is a deep black with hints of blueberry.

Urban Eyes Eye Pen ($16) is matte with blueberry and a slight hint of pink.NARS Black Thursday Eye Pen (P, $14.00) is an intensely deep blue with a subtle, shimmery finish.

MAC Golden Blush ($22.00)(P, £15.00, $17.00 ) is a soft, sheer black with a hint of violet.

Urban Outfit’s Black Friday eyeshark is a little darker than MAC Black Wednesday, but still has a subtle blue shift to it.MAC Black Friday Lash (LE, $8.00 for 0.25 oz.) is a shimmery, metallic, and matte black with subtle blue and purple sparkles. 

Urban Outfits Black Friday Lashes ($19.00 / $19.99 / $23.00; $22.99) are a metallic, matte, and shimmery blue-black.

MAC Gold Rush ($26.00/ $26.99/ $29.99; $29, 99) is shimmery matte with a soft sheen.

MAC Super Glitter ($28.00 or $34.00 per 0.5 oz.)is a metallic shimmery black with slight gold shimmer.

MAC Pomegranate ($28/ $34) is metallic, shimmering and matte.

MAC Dandy ($32) is gold-tinted, matte and metallic. 

Too Faced’s Black Thursday Blush (P) is more matte than MAC Dazzle.

Nordstrom Black Friday Shades (LE) are metallic, glittery and matte with glittery red and green sparkles in a deep, pinky tone. 

Sephora Black Friday Face Pencil (LE; $15.50 for 0, 1, or 2 oz.) has a very slightly shimmery sheen, which matches the black and red tones of the eyeshade.

MAC Fruity Pink ($30.00), also available at Sephora, is a matte black.

Nars’ Black Friday Matte Eye Pen is a slightly matte black, with subtle, glittering gold sparkles and shimmer.

Nors’ Black Thursday Eyeshark is slightly more matte, with a more matte and less shimmery pink sheen to it than the MAC Fuzzy Pink Eye Pen.

UrbanOutfitters’ Black Tuesday Eyesharks are matte and sparkly with a sheen of pink

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