How to Stop the Media From Hiding the Trumps’ Controversial $100 Billion Tax Cuts

Breitbart News has just published a video that lays out the strategy to stop the media from covering President Donald Trump’s tax cut.

The video includes a wealth of resources, including a detailed breakdown of Trump’s proposed tax cuts for corporations and individuals.

The Trump tax plan is a major win for the wealthy and corporations, and it is not being shared widely by the media.

In fact, even the White House has declined to provide the full details of the plan, which would raise taxes for millions of Americans and hurt businesses.

In addition, the tax cuts are also a major blow to the poor, which have seen their taxes rise dramatically under Trump and his allies.

But the media is refusing to cover the tax plans because it wants to portray Trump as a populist.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the president’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, explained how the media’s agenda is in alignment with the Trump agenda.

“The media has its own agenda,” Bannon said.

“They’re the opposition party, they’re the enemy party.

They’re the media, and they’re going to be the opposition to you and to everything you stand for.

You’re going not to be able to talk about it.

They’ll say, ‘Donald Trump has been elected, he has a plan to fix America’s problems.'”

He continued, “So, the media wants to say, we don’t care.

We’re going with Trump.

So, it’s like you and me.

We just don’t know how to talk to you, so we just don´t talk about that.”

The president’s tax plan has been criticized by some Republicans as too generous, and his administration is considering a series of unpopular measures to try to get around Congress.

Bannon also criticized the media for focusing on the details of Trump´s tax cut and not on the tax changes themselves.

“We don´T like to talk specifics about what they are, but it’s just so disingenuous for people to think that the media don´ts care about the details,” Bannon explained.

“It is not.

The media cares about Trump and it doesn´t care about you.”

Bannon also explained that the president is willing to work with the media to get them to cover him.

“What I told the president at the outset was that I told him, this is the way we want you to talk, and you can’t do this to us.

We want you, as the media people, to be willing to go in front of cameras and be on the record, not just in a whisper, but in a voice, and tell the truth.

So I think he understands this,” Bannon added.

“I told him that he would get the best out of me.

That was his plan, to get me on camera.

And he did.

And I was happy with that.

I am not going to go down that road.”

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