I am not alone in my grief

I am now in my 70s.

I have been here all my life.

The time has come to be remembered.

When I am in a place, I am sure I am thinking of the past, of those who are still here, and the times they were here.

But for me, the memory of my mother is still alive and I have no wish to return.

This is not the first time my mother has passed away.

I was her son.

I will always cherish her memory.

She was my best friend and I was with her when I was born.

I am here with her, I feel like she is here with me.

My mother had died in 2014, at the age of 84.

She left behind two sons, one in her 80s and one in his 60s.

I have seen my mother die.

She passed away after having given birth to me.

I still remember the day she gave birth to us.

I had no idea she was going to have a daughter.

My mother was my second wife.

When I married her, it was to another man, but I loved her as a mother and a wife.

The only reason I have any memory of her is that she was very old at the time.

I used to cry on her grave.

She used to go to the house for a bath and she would put her head on my shoulder.

When she was gone, she would sit on my lap and make me laugh.

At one point, my mother said she would like to be buried with me at her home.

I said, ‘That’s not a good idea.

There is a cemetery nearby, and it will be difficult to find a spot.’

I had to ask my father to drive me there, and we had to take a taxi to the cemetery.

She would have been very happy.

In 2013, when I went to the National Cemetery for the Last Postmortem, I saw the coffins.

I thought that they would be very good, because they were embalmed.

One coffin had a piece of her hand, and a piece with her teeth.

I didn’t understand why she had died, but at the same time I was touched by the fact that I knew how she lived.

I never saw her face.

I only knew her name.

Her funeral took place at the graveyard in Pune, in the presence of the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Amit Shah, and her son-in-law, Rajkumar, the President of the Congress.

Since then, I have seen her every day.

I know she was an excellent woman.

My only regret is that I never got to meet her.

A friend once told me that she once asked me why I had a funeral and not a funeral, because she thought I was just going to go and do a lot of travelling.

After my mother’s passing, I had never seen her again.

But I have always been close to her, and I am very happy to be able to talk to her.

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