the most 3 questions about gold

Gold could be a yellow valuable that’s valued for its beauty and shine. Gold is softer than several alternative metals and may be fashioned into totally different shapes exploitation straightforward tools and while not hearth or alternative heat. as a result of it is found in clumps and is simple to figure, it’s believed to be the primary metal that was utilized by humans. it’s been used for creating coins and jewellery for thousands of years. these days it’s still accustomed create jewellery. as a result of it’s a rare metal, it’s a logo of wealth. it’s conjointly employed in electronic devices like computers.

Gold is also worked into all types of shapes. It is rolled into small shapes. It is force into skinny wire, which might be twisted and plaited. It is beat or rolled into sheets. It is created terribly skinny, and stuck onto alternative metal. It is created therefore skinny that it absolutely was generally accustomed enhance the hand-painted footage in books referred to as “illuminated manuscripts”.

Gold doesn’t “react” with several alternative chemicals. this implies that it doesn’t lose its shine, or rust, or burn, or explode. once ancient gold coins or jewelry area unit found, they give the impression of being as shiny and delightful because the day they were created.

Where did its name come back from?

Gold gets its English name from the Germanic word gul├ża (meaning gold). The Old English word geolu means that yellow. In Latin, gold was referred to as aurum. this is often why the chemical image for gold is Au.

Where is it found?

Gold is rare, which implies it’s troublesome to seek out. Gold is sometimes found underground, wherever it’s mammary gland out of mines that area unit tunnelled deep into the world. Gold is sometimes found as skinny layers in rocks, however is additionally generally found in lumps. A lump of gold is named a hunk.

Gold will generally be found higher than the bottom within the sand and gravel bars of streams. Flakes and grains of gold that area unit cornered in rock come back loose because the rock is jerky by the force of the water. The water then carries the gold downstream. once the stream slows down, the gold settles beside sand and gravel. folks generally explore for loose gold in streams, or in places wherever streams have once flowed. this is often referred to as “prospecting”. A mineworker typically carries a large pan, to withdraw the sand and gravel from rock bottom of a stream and swish it around, searching for small flakes and nuggets of gold. this is often referred to as “gold panning”.

Is it dangerous?

Gold isn’t dangerous. terribly pure gold foil (sometimes referred to as “edible gold”) is safe to eat and is typically accustomed enhance food. Gold is therefore safe to place in your mouth that a lot of folks have denture and fillings made from gold. generally gold has “impurities”. this implies that tiny amounts of various chemicals area unit within the gold. The impurities within the gold is also toxic.

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