The new smartwatch from Fossil is a must-have

Gold watches are becoming a thing of the past in the digital age, and Fossil says it has a solution to the problem.

The company unveiled the Fossil Watch 2, which will come with a few nifty new features.

First of all, the Fossi Watch 2 will be a smartwatch.

The brand’s flagship device, the Apple Watch, has always been a pretty big deal for Fossil.

With the Apple event in October, however, it became clear that Apple’s smartwatch business was in decline.

And with Apple now offering watches that run on Android, Fossil said that it’s not ready to put up with that.

Instead, the company’s new FossilWatch 2 will offer a completely new watch experience.

The Fossil watch will have a heart rate monitor that lets you track your fitness levels, the ability to track sleep and wake cycles, and a heart-rate sensor that automatically turns on alarms when you need them.

In addition, the watch will feature a heart monitor that you can plug into the wall and watch when it’s time to start your workout.

The watch will also include a power bank that can power your smartphone and tablet while you’re on the go.

The Fossil wristband will also have a water-resistant coating that will protect your wrist while swimming.

The new Fossi watch will come in two sizes: a 40mm and 60mm, and will run you $249.99.

It’ll also come with an additional battery, which the brand says will last up to six hours.

It’s the first smartwatch to offer Bluetooth charging.

And the company will be offering a bunch of different colors to its watch, including black, silver, white, pink, and rose gold.

Fossil will also be offering the watch in a number of different sizes and finishes, and you can also get it with a leather strap, which is a very cool option.

FossilWatch2 comes with an automatic heart rate monitoring feature that lets the watch be used as a personal trainer.

The device can also be used to monitor sleep cycles and heart rate, as well as monitor sleep patterns.

This new watch will be compatible with Fossil’s new Polar watch bands.

The watch will include an accessory charging port that can be connected to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, which means you can take your phone with you when you go out for a walk.

It also comes with a magnetic charger that will charge the watch for up to four hours.

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