US Mint launches ‘gold’ coin series, which are the first coins with an ‘invisible’ gold element in the design

Gold coins are a cool and trendy new type of coin that are also an important part of the US Mint’s new series of coins, according to the US mint.

The first of the new coins, called the ‘gold bond’, will hit the market in January 2018.

The design features a gold coin in a ‘golden’ background and a ‘tracey’ logo.

The new coin series will be introduced to the public by the US dollar as well as to other currencies in the coming months, according a press release.

The gold coins, which feature a gold element on the coin’s obverse and a tracey on the reverse, will be released into circulation on January 16, 2018, according the US coin company.

The company said the new gold coin series is an opportunity to bring the American gold to the masses.

Gold coins were introduced into circulation in the US in 1885 and are still used by the government and public today.

However, they are often known for their appearance.

The US Mint has been looking for new designs that would appeal to a wider audience and this one is one that is a great fit.

In addition to the silver dollar, the US has been experimenting with a variety of new coins in the past, including a gold one called the silver certificate.

The Mint also recently introduced a gold commemorative coin featuring a gold seal, which has become popular in Asia.

The coins are not just for show, however.

A number of coins in this series will also feature an ‘image of the eagle’ in the centre of the coin, which is a feature that is rarely seen on the US coins.

A small gold planchet is also included on the front of the coins.

These are the coins the US is releasing, which the mint has said is the first gold coin that has an invisible gold element.

In terms of design, the coins feature an almost-gold look.

The silver and gold coins have the same design and are just slightly different in the way they look.

Gold is more of a solid metal, and so the silver coin is very heavy, while the gold coin has less weight.

The planchets on the coins are different too.

Gold planchettes are smaller and are usually smaller in diameter, while gold certificates are usually the same size.

They are usually also a little smaller than the silver coins, and the silver planchettes have a much thinner ring.

The mint says the ‘tracy’ logo on the obverse of the gold coins can be used to differentiate the coin from other gold coins.

The tracy logo can also be used on the face of the silver certificates, the release notes read.

These coins are just a few of the more than 60 designs being produced to accompany the US Gold Bond coin series.

The release notes go on to say that the US gold bond is a new type for US coins, with the first being introduced in January.

The other designs are in the same vein.

‘The Tracey Gold Bond is the only coin in the series that is an invisible, gold-filled coin, with an obverse image of the Tracey eagle and an obv.

reverse of a gold eagle with a tracy ‘gold seal’ and a reverse of the ‘United States of America’ on one side and a gold lettering on the other side of the obv., according to US Mint.

In the United States, there is a lot of interest in the ‘Tracey Gold bond’ as a way to introduce people to gold coins and to help them get familiar with the precious metal.

However in Asia, where there is little gold to be found, many people in China, Vietnam and Thailand have become more interested in gold coins than the US.

The coin was introduced in April, 2016.

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