Warriors fans: You are not a joke

It was a long, long time ago, but we all know that a few lucky Golden State Warriors fans managed to slip into the hearts of the fans, even though they didn’t live in the Golden State.

One fan took a picture of himself with a caption reading: ‘I love you Golden State’.

The caption wasn’t exactly a compliment, but he was clearly enjoying his Warriors’ victory against the Denver Nuggets on Saturday.

He was a big fan of the Warriors’ famous Golden State logo, and it wasn’t long before he shared the post on Instagram with his followers.

He even captioned it with the words: ‘Thank you Golden Warriors.

I love you’.

A few of the comments on the post were positive, with the caption saying: ‘My love for you, I’m rooting for you to win.’

But there was one person who didn’t appreciate his sentiment.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘The only reason you get a chance to wear this jersey is because of your fans.

That’s not even a coincidence.’

Another said: ‘If you have fans in the team, I want you to be the one wearing this jersey.’

Another replied: ‘This jersey is a sign of respect for your team and you deserve to be treated like a real person.’

One user responded to the criticism with: ‘That’s the kind of guy I am.

The best of all worlds, he’s the one who made this happen.

He deserves to be rewarded for it.’

He continued: ‘He deserves to have his jersey taken off and given to a teammate.’

So, in a world where it is easy to take a picture with a Golden State jersey, and even more easy to share the post online, a few fans were going a little overboard.

We’re sure they will be forgiven.

Here’s a look at some of the best responses to this story: ‘Your jersey isnt a sign and it doesnt mean anything!’

‘You deserve a medal, you’re a legend!’

‘What an idiot.

Your jersey should have said, “The Warriors”.’ ‘No one cares about your jersey.

It means nothing.

Go away.’

‘That guy is a moron.

I think he just doesn’t understand that the only reason Golden State jerseys are worn is because people want to be in your jersey.’

‘I know this is going to be an issue for some, but don’t you think the whole team should wear this one jersey and wear their own gold?

That’s a sign to everyone, including the rest of the team.’

‘Go back to your hometown.’

‘It doesn’t matter if you wore it or not.

It’s your jersey, you wear it.

It doesn’t make any difference to me, so just wear your own jersey.’

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