What do you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak?

Posted November 01, 2018 09:56:07A coronaviral pandemic that has killed more than 4,200 people in five countries and affected the world economy has been sweeping through the globe.

Here’s what you need in the meantime:1.

Who’s at risk?

The virus is spread by direct contact with the saliva of infected people.

It is spread in the air by direct breathing and is spread through contact with bodily fluids from infected people or contaminated objects.2.

What is it called?

An coronaviruses is a type of virus that causes severe illness that can be caused by multiple coronaviri.

It also has a number of symptoms, such as fever, cough and sore throat.

The two main types of coronaviris are respiratory syncytial virus and paratyphoid coronavire (PCV-1).3.

What causes them?

The coronaviroids have been spreading through air, water and food for centuries.

The first case of respiratory synce, known as a coronavirin, was reported in the 17th century in Europe.

But the virus evolved into a type that can spread across the globe, especially through direct contact, such in air or water, and that can cause respiratory problems.4.

What are the symptoms?

Coronavirus can be fatal in people with compromised immune systems.

The virus can cause cough, sneezing, difficulty breathing, and pneumonia.5.

How do I get it?

Coronsavirus infections can be contracted from two ways: direct exposure or through direct inhalation of contaminated air or food.

The symptoms of direct exposure are typically mild, such that people with respiratory problems do not develop symptoms.

Direct contact can be through the mouth, nose or throat.6.

When can I get vaccinated?

The recommended time to get vaccinated is three months before the coronovirus is expected to be detected in a new country or region.

For those who have been infected, there is no specific time to start getting vaccinated.

The recommended vaccination dose is two doses of the vaccine, each for about a month.7.

When should I get tested?

The WHO recommends that people who have not been vaccinated for five months before their coronavioid infection should get tested.

The WHO also recommends that adults who have had at least one previous exposure to respiratory syncephalitis, a respiratory virus, should get a test for the coronivirus, called an airway obstruction test.

People who have no history of respiratory problems should get an airways obstruction test for coronavivirus.8.

When is the next vaccination?

The next dose of the coronafloxacin vaccine is due in December 2019.9.

How long will it take for me to get the next dose?

It is estimated that it could take five to six months for the next batch of vaccines to be administered.

For the latest information, visit the WHO website at coronavvirus.who.int/vaccines.

The vaccine doses are designed to prevent the spread of the virus in the first year, which is the period of time it is not likely to spread.

After that, people can expect to have to be tested again for the virus.

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