When gold price collapses: What you need to know about the global crisis

The gold price fell sharply Monday, plunging more than 4 percent, but it’s a relatively small drop compared with the 10 percent drop it experienced in mid-March.

A decline of this magnitude is relatively easy to predict, and the decline is already in excess of the average of the 10 years of data over the last 10 years.

That’s a huge deal, given that the gold price is the only index that has a history of staying at or above the average for longer than five years.

What we’re seeing now is a huge, massive correction in the gold market.

Gold prices have been a huge part of the gold buying story, but the last two months have seen a sharp decline in the price.

The price is down more than $2,200 since March 15, a fall of more than 10 percent.

The gold market is not going to rebound the way it was before the crisis.

If we’re looking for an easy explanation for the recent decline in gold prices, it has to be that the Federal Reserve is no longer willing to keep monetary stimulus at levels of $1.5 trillion a month.

That has meant the U.S. has had to resort to spending cuts to meet its $2 trillion deficit, which in itself is an enormous fiscal stimulus.

This has been a massive fiscal stimulus that has resulted in massive fiscal deficits, and that’s a problem.

The Federal Reserve’s decision to cut interest rates by a full percentage point is a very, very important reason why the gold and silver markets have fallen so dramatically.

The Fed’s decision was not a sudden change in policy, but rather a decision to give the market a chance to correct.

What you don’t see happening in the U, Europe and Japan, is the gold collapsing like a house of cards.

That doesn’t mean that the Fed is wrong.

The world’s central banks have not been perfect.

They’ve made mistakes and they have made mistakes in the past.

They have to live with that, but they’ve made big mistakes in this case.

They should not be in the position that they’re in right now.

They’re supposed to be the guardians of the world’s most stable currency and the world market for gold.

If the Fed’s decisions continue to fail and the markets continue to plunge, that’s going to be a very big deal.

I think what we’ve been seeing now, though, is a massive correction of the market.

It’s the first time since the mid-1980s that gold prices have fallen as much as they have this year.

There’s been no sustained fall in gold since May 2016.

The global gold market has gone from a stable position to a crisis.

The only way it can recover is if we all stop buying gold and start investing in real goods.

The other reason to stop buying the bullion is that the U

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