When golden retriever Golden Goose Shoes Will Be Available to Buy on Amazon: The New York Times

The New Yorker, the Times’s sister publication, published a piece Monday about the “golden retriever” shoes worn by a dog trainer in India who recently visited the country.

The story was written by Gaurav Prabhu, a writer based in India and an American citizen who had traveled to India in 2014 to interview a golden retriver trainer and his two sons, one named Harpal and one named Bimal.

The trainer, who was not named in the article, has since been charged with cruelty and human trafficking for allegedly forcing the dogs to work for him for nearly two months, and has been accused of being a human trafficker.

Prabhut, a native of Bihar, India, was traveling to India with his wife and three sons when he decided to visit the country, which is located in West Bengal.

The two sons reportedly worked in the dogs’ trainer’s office, and the dog trainers were not home.

After leaving the trainers office, the two dogs were returned to their owners, who allegedly made them work for the trainer.

The trainers also allegedly promised that they would make the dogs happy, and they did.

In the interview, Prabhar said that the dogs were “always very good,” and the trainers gave them treats whenever they had to go to the water bowl, where the dogs got to swim and play.

When he was leaving the training area, he said, he saw the dogs wearing the trainers’ shoes, and he was not pleased.

The dog trainers, Probhu wrote, made the dogs “always happy,” and they were very good.

However, in the interview with the Times, the trainer admitted to working the dogs for about a week.

According to Prabhur, the dogs did not perform well on the tests and were sometimes kept at the dogs owner’s house.

The owners of the dogs, Pradhu wrote in his article, are believed to be working as human traffickers.

Pratish Pandey, a former senior official at the National Commission for Protection of Animals (NCPA), a government agency that investigates human trafficking cases, told The New American that he was “very disturbed” by the article.

“I am extremely disturbed,” he told the New American.

“This is a sad and serious issue.

What I have been seeing on the streets of India is not just people who work for dogs but also people who are working with dogs.

This is a human trafficking problem that should be dealt with with the maximum urgency.”

Pandey said that many people in India are now aware of the problem of dog trafficking and are working to prevent it.

“People are now saying that they have heard of human trafficking of dogs, and that people are working for dogs,” he said.

“It is a very dangerous issue.”

Pandy also pointed out that the Indian government does not have the legal powers to investigate the dog traffickers.

“You have to prove that someone is doing this or that,” he explained.

“And I think that this is what the law does not allow for.”

Prabhari said he has seen a lot of dog trainers in India in the last few years.

“There is definitely a lot going on in the industry,” he added.

“The dogs that people have seen are actually trained by people who have a lot in common.”

A dog trainer who wished to remain anonymous told The Associated Press that there are many different kinds of dog breeds in the country and many trainers in the U.S. “Most trainers in America are trainers from India, but they are often people who live in other countries.

They are also trained by American trainers.

They also have to be on good terms with the owners of their dogs,” said the trainer, whose dog was also trained at the trainer’s home.

“They will give them money to bring their dogs to the U and give them free treats.

There is no reason why they shouldn’t do that, but in the end, it is only for training and not for human trafficking.”

The trainer said that in India, dogs are used for testing, which can be used for “scientific purposes,” but they also have “social purposes” and are trained for hunting, fishing, and for “dog fighting.”

The dog trainer added that there were many other trainers in Europe, but not as many as in India.

He said that dogs were also used for training in other parts of the world, including the U, for which he was trained.

“In Europe, the U has been a very important part of dog breeding for decades,” he wrote.

“That is why the breed is so important.”

In a statement, the National Institute of Animal Welfare, which oversees the National Welfare and Veterinary Medical Authority, said the trainers in his case are under investigation and could face a lengthy jail sentence.

“These trainers have not been arrested or charged and are being investigated by the NIAW.

Any action by NIAF will

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