Why gold price is surging

GOLD: GOLD SHORT-TERM PRICE FOR THE GOLD CHAMPIONSHIPS article GOLD is now the most popular cryptocurrency by a wide margin, according to data released on Monday by the Bitcoin Price Index.

That is despite bitcoin prices continuing to tumble.

The cryptocurrency, which was introduced in 2009, has climbed more than 300 percent in 2016, and is now trading at about $2,600 per coin, according a data analysis from Blockchain Capital.

The index, which is compiled by CoinDesk, a financial news site, is a way for traders to track the price of gold in various currencies.

The index is also a good way for investors to see how much gold is being traded.

Bitcoin prices have slumped in recent weeks amid the recent election and a wave of Chinese interest in the digital currency.

That interest is driving the value of gold and silver, both commodities that are used to make up the bulk of the world’s reserves.

Gold prices fell to about $1,300 per ounce on Monday, down from $1.2200 last week.

Bitcoin, meanwhile, surged more than 50 percent to $2.3200 on Monday.

That’s a 12.9 percent jump in just two days.

The price of the metal has surged more in recent days than in the past.

The price of silver rose to $4,800 last week, the first time that price has risen in over a month.

Bitcoin surged more 5.6 percent to a record high of $7,800 on Monday afternoon.

The latest data is likely to increase pressure on the gold price.

The Federal Reserve on Monday signaled that it would not be raising interest rates any time soon.

The Federal Reserve announced that it will hold off on raising rates until the economy improves.

It also said it would delay the use of the Fed’s quantitative easing program, which has been used to buy up precious metals in order to boost the economy.

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