Why Trump is using gold to boost his campaign in Iowa

Gold has become a potent symbol of wealth and status in the United States.

Trump is banking on it to boost support for his campaign, even though gold has been a divisive topic in the presidential campaign.

The Trump campaign has embraced gold for its own purposes.

It has paid homage to the country’s gold miners, and its campaign website touts its relationship with the gold mines.

Gold is a symbol of the United Nations.

But gold is not a particularly desirable commodity for Trump.

He has never mined the metal himself, and he has rarely used it for anything.

He’s not a natural gold miner.

He doesn’t even own an ounce of gold.

His campaign has also declined to disclose how much gold it is using for its ads.

As for gold mining, Trump has called it “the gold of the world,” and said in August that “you’ll never find a miner of mine in the world who’s not worth a fortune.”

Trump has said that he wants to create jobs, but there are few details available about how he would do that.

He hasn’t been particularly forthcoming about what he would replace government jobs with.

He’s also refused to disclose what his gold mining investment would be worth.

He previously told the Wall Street Journal that he would be “very conservative” about the price of gold, and would only invest in companies with “great” mining credentials.

Trump said in a September interview with the New York Times that he does not have a “personal investment” in the gold market.

The paper reported that he had made $1.5 million on his investment.

He told the Times that his investment is a “significant amount” of money.

Since its creation in 1933, the U.S. has been awash in gold.

It was worth $1,500 in 2010.

The price peaked at $1:1,900 per ounce in December of this year.

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